Designers Plus Process


What makes our process unique and desirable is that it is a consultative process. We work with your ideas and consult you every step of the way.  Although our award-winning designers will make suggestions and guide you, it is your vision that is being created.

Firstly, for your initial consultation in our showroom with one of our designers, you will be asked to bring pictures of your ideas.  We would request you show us photos on tablets, cell phones, or bring your file folder of magazine photos you have collected.

This initial consultation is a full review of the project with budget ranges given for the key components of your project.  Samples and products are pulled from our sample room and showroom to flesh-out  your  concept. Plans of other projects are pulled to help you not only envision  your own space but get a good idea of how the design process will achieve your dream.  This initial consultation is complimentary.

Once the decision has been made to move forward with Designers Plus to design and create your dream project  a site visit, with full measures are taken, structural issues are addressed,  and pictures are taken. This enables the rest of the staff working on the project to get a full concept.

The designer then starts designing the space using computer aided design (CAD) and using 3D software to enable the client to envision the concept. A full set of costing is developed as well. This is completed by qualified, trained designers and technicians.

Once the space has been designed, a client consult and review of concept and budget takes place with a presentation of the CAD drawings, elevations, and 3D Renderings. This presentation can include lighting plans, and can include flooring and backsplash design work. This is truly an exciting part when the client starts to see his visions and concepts coming to life!

Of course any tweaks and adjustments are made to the design and/or to budget as required. This process is a constant interplay of design and finishes versus budget.

Final colour selections are then made and confirmed.  A custom sample may be ordered for client approval if requested. Once all tweaks and adjustments and colour selections are finalized, the final designs and budgets are client approved.

At this point of the process we would have hoped to have shown you our attention to design detail, the skill of our technicians and designers, the ability to present this through our CAD drawings and 3D rendering. But we believe that what sets Designers Plus apart is the ability to listen and produce what the client needs and wants; whether functionality and aesthetics. That is our specialty. This is what is truly important to our clients! 

It’s important that our designers listen to what is being requested.  It could sound like a minor detail to some but to the person envisioning their dream kitchen or bathroom, it can be quite personal and important. This is never underestimated by our designers and our team.  We consult very closely with our clients. That is what makes us unique and special. We listen, we consult, we find solutions, and we find value for our clients.

Give us a call to set up a showroom kitchen consultation and we will walk you through this.

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