The Not So Obvious Factors To Consider in a Custom Closet Design

Is the non-functioning clothes storage of your current closet a source of frustration? Does the visual clutter and disorganization of your walk-in closet make you uneasy? Was your closet seemingly thrown together without a thought in regard to layout and accessorizing? If this sounds like you, it may be time to invest in a custom closet.

These are common reasons our clients turn to us for help. We start by examining their closet spaces and take note where thought is given to layout and how clothing is stored. Attention within the closet will be given to specialized items such as jewelry and sports gear.

There are the several reasons custom closets should be professionally addressed by a designer:

1 – Designers choose customizations that addresses the client’s specific needs.
2 – Designers know how to efficiently and effectively use the space at hand, making even the smallest space workable and stunning.
3 – Professionally designed and executed closet projects add value to the home.



Custom design solutions can greatly enhance any closet in your home.

Custom closet organization optimizes space, functionality, and aesthetics of any space. This can be said whether we are dealing with a reach-in closet, a walk-in closet, or even a wardrobe. Organization can be created for the reach-in closet in the guest-room, or the luxurious walk-in off the master bedroom.

We address specialized needs of every client. If you are a shoe addict, have an extra long inseam or an unusually large collection of outerwear, we can meet your needs. Bringing order to your prized golf gear and clothes may be well worth it considering the money you have invested. Proper storage and display translate to better use and preservation of the gear, making the investment last longer.

A good custom closet designer is like a good kitchen designer, carving storage space seemingly out of thin air. Nooks and crannies you never believed could be functional are suddenly efficient and useful. Dead space in a neighbouring bedroom can be folded into a walk-in turning it into something functional instead of seeming like an afterthought.

It is a moot point to say that custom closet adds value to the home. After the ‘big four’ improvements home buyers look for (kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, and lighting) smaller upgrades like storage and luxurious master walk-ins make your home that much more attractive.

Not So Obvious Factors of Closet Design

What differentiates us in our approach is that not only do we look at all the above factors, we closely integrate the following not so obvious factors into our custom designs:

i – Visibility, Visibility is a top priority. This means you need to be able to see all the clothes you have. Otherwise, you will inevitably only wear the clothes you see. Bear in mind that you want to see as many of your clothes as possible when you design a custom closet.

ii- Lighting, Lighting is a common item most people don’t think about. Without the correct light, you won’t be able to distinguish various shades of grey, blue or white, only noticing once you step outside the door, or the gentle reminder from your spouse. Windows are desirable for the natural light, but may not be desirable depending on orientation, given direct sunlight is too powerful and may ruin the colour of your clothes. From our experience, smart placement of daylight LED light with a colour temperature of 5000K – 5500K works best because it shows the colour accurately, and is comparatively cold to the touch. We apply these same principles to a simple reach-in closet producing a big difference for our clients in how they use even these smaller spaces.

iii- Hangers, hangers? Yes hangers. A lot of designers pay a lot of attention to the outward appearance of the closet and how it looks in a room, though important, the number one purpose of your closet is proper storage of your clothes. If you invest thousands of dollars in high quality garments, custom suits and accessories, you should never skimp on the hangers. Cheap hangers can destroy a garment. Consistency in hangers allows every jacket or shirt to get the same exposure. Considering hanger width is important and has a direct effect on your clothes investment.

iv- Shoes, shoes? Gentlemen, I hear you. Shoes should be able to be easily seen and easily reached. It should also be easy to put them on and (Ladies, am I correct in this?) then strategically placed mirrors should confirm the correctness of your choice. If not addressed properly shoes end up being buried and neglected, you end up never wearing certain pairs. In our experience, shoes may need quite a bit of space but they actually don’t need to be stored with your other clothes. Depending on their use, they can be stored in other parts of the home, or in a different manner in the walk-in closet. Shoes should be visible and accessible.

Also, as a tip, your shoes will last much longer if you let them rest on a shoe tree a few days in between wearing them.

In our approach to custom closet design our clients should not only realize a protection of their clothing investment, our clients should also find themselves in an appealing space, that enhances their well being and saves them time to devote to the more important things in life. Thinking of enhancing your home? Start the conversion today.

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