The Life-Changing Benefits of Kitchen Remodelling

Why should I remodel my kitchen?  — You would think that the answer to that question would be a sound logical one.  Which it is, of course. Everyone can easily think through this question and realize the key benefits:

  • Making maintenance easier,
  • Greater functionality and convenience;
  • Embracing new family requirements,
  • Better able to entertain friends and family; and,
  • Finally the all encompassing benefit of increasing the value of your home.


The decision making timeline does not happen all in one day. It is a series of events that starts to get you thinking. Soon you begin to justify why you should remodel. Below we explain the thought process you may go through yourself when deciding to remodel your kitchen.                                                                       


Is it time for a Kitchen Remodel? 

It is interesting to note that the decision making timeline does not generally start off with one thinking, “oh, I want to increase the value of my home and I know exactly what to do.”

In fact many homeowners determine that they should remodel their kitchens because their cabinets are worn, their appliances are out of date, or their countertops are crackled. It starts with the cosmetics. The kitchen has ugly cabinets, outdated appliances, beige tile with black grungy grout, and the homeowner has had it, wants a change.

Instead of living with this situation indefinitely or living with the dust and debris of changing it out one piece at a time, many homeowners just want a whole new kitchen.

Do You Hate Your Kitchen?

You are not alone! Certain conditions or situations in kitchens contribute to an emotional response of ‘dislike’ that builds, culminating in the push to finally remodel.  Based on a recent HOUZZ survey (2017), just over 40% of homeowners remodel because they ‘hate’ their kitchens or some aspect of it.

That is a surprisingly big number!  Let’s examine the many life-changing benefits of updating your old kitchen and creating your dream kitchen.

Life Changing Benefits of Updating Your Old Kitchen

It may not seem like a lot, but easier maintenance, lower household costs, and health are strong reasons for doing a proper remodel.

A New Kitchen Has Curb Appeal

Without a doubt, a well-designed and well-remodeled kitchen has tremendous curb appeal. Additionally, if you check with any home appraiser, the house value jumps. This increase is one of the strongest diffusers of fear in making a large investment towards a kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Remodels Save Money in the Long Run

That old clunker of a fridge is a true energy waster. The new generations of fridges and ovens will make a notable difference on those monthly bills.

New Paint Products and Quartz Countertops Provide Health Benefits

The advanced science in paint finishes and quartz counter top finishes makes the regular household chores a breeze and much less time-consuming. This same advanced science allows for very hygienic food prep on on the counter top.  Combined with the ever advancing and stricter product regulations – significantly reduced off-gassing from paint finishes and materials used in the making of cabinetry for instance. Healthier all around.

Blend Together New and Old in a New Kitchen Design

A well-designed kitchen allows you to stay current with the trends and enables you to better blend the new and expensive furniture you bought two years ago with the rest of the space.  It will give a whole new elevated feel to your home. Furniture and window treatment investments will finally make much more sense creating a coherent flow through the house.

New Kitchen Design Ideas are Based on Functionality.

Without a doubt a key reason for remodelling is functionality. You will find that the way you operate in the kitchen is exponentially enhanced.  Increased storage and increased ease of access is part of the finished product. The other functionality is how the design allows the family to ‘live’ better.

Depending on where you are in your life, it sure revolves around the kids.  Do you need plenty of work space and seating for the kids to do their homework?  Or, do you need the design to enable you to spend more time with your grandkids and entertain family and now extended family.  Or, perhaps you are a gourmet cook and in addition to accommodating family, you want to be able to practice your hobby to the fullest extent.

Your Dream Kitchen Amplifies Your Quality of Life.

Let’s get back to the emotional aspect again. Consider your well-being. The result of a truly well-designed kitchen, completed with the right finishes, colours, and materials that you personally respond well to, is without a doubt an amplification of ‘Quality of Life’. Think of the amount of time you spend in your kitchen, the importance of this space cannot be undersold.

You wake up to go down to the kitchen to start the morning coffee and you are immediately greeted by a beautiful space that addresses your needs.  Your well-being is enhanced. Your emotional response is one of positivity. Your outlook on the rest of the day is Zen-like, a multiplier for continual effortless optimistic feedback from those around you until your head once again hits the pillow.

If you are ready to increase property value, enhance functionality, and improve your family’s quality of life, then it is time to get in contact with Designer’s Plus. Let’s get your life-changing kitchen remodel project started today!

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