Will A Bathroom Remodel Improve My Property Value?


Are you looking to boost your property value? Consider a bathroom remodel or a bathroom renovation.

According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, a bathroom renovation offers one of the highest return on investment (ROI) of any of the remodelling projects you could take on when trying to increase your home’s value.

Remodelling your bathroom to be more functional and stylish not only dramatically increases your home’s final selling price it makes your home even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Consider This:
If your home has only one full bathroom, and space permits, adding a three-piece bathroom can have a drastic effect on the market value of your home.

Make sure to consult with you designer to guide you through this process so that you make the right decisions for the extra useable space.

Advice for future home seller

Even if you are not planning on selling your home in the near future it is still important to take bathroom renovations into consideration. Having an updated bathroom will always be a good return on your investment. These updates will allow you and your family to increase everyday usability and enjoyment. The cost involved will be well worth it on those mornings when everyone is rushing out the door or those evenings when you want to just relax in a spa-like atmosphere.

What constitutes a true bathroom remodel?

A bathroom remodel is the putting together of bathroom elements in a way which makes sense not only in style, color, function, but also our client’s budget.

Unfortunately, replacing a toilet, a sink, or vanity does not constitute a remodel for where one would expect to see a return on investment, however, these fixtures still often need an update.

A Sample Client Request: Altering Ensuite Bathroom for Better Use and Function

The best example would be how we approach the Master Ensuite Bathroom.

It is not uncommon to learn that the couples we work with do not use the large water jet tub installed decades ago. Some couples have mentioned that having his and hers sinks is unnecessary. Many find the shower is too cramped, and that the lighting in the ensuite bathroom is inadequate. Ventilation is poor, ie. resulting in glass fogging and molding of the tile grout.  These issues over time create a dingy environment where the ensuite is used out of necessity, and not because one enjoys the bathroom itself.

Ensuite Bathroom Solution:

• Remove the tub, take it out of the new design;

• Turn the whole floor into a shower pan;

• Install in-floor heating; install large sized tile,

• Minimize use of small tile accents;

• Add a fan which can move a lot of air quietly and has a motion detector and humidity detector;

• Add a basic in-ceiling dimmable lighting grid, a separate water tight light for the shower area, additional lighting over the vanity area.

• Add a towel warmer on a programmable thermostat;

• install a few pieces of strategically placed shower glass panes, and add backlit vanity-makeup mirrors;

• Finish off with low flush toilet at the right height and elongation, some simple under-mount porcelain sinks;

The result of this type of remodel will have your bathroom feeling like an in-home spa getaway.

Key Elements to Remember:

In-floor heating and towel warmers are not the luxury item they once were, the technology of these products has advanced. The skill of the tradesmen installing these systems has advanced as well. 

• Keeping colors simple and light.

• Make sure vanity height is at an adequate height

• Ensure optimal linen storage

Review each of these elements in terms of the overall budget, and enlist a reputable bath designer and reputable tradesmen. 

This is an achievable ideal for which you should see not only strong curb-appeal but an exponential return on investment.  In the meantime, you get to have a lot of fun.  Bathrooms are fun.

We would be happy to steer you through all of this with the added bonus of providing reasonably sized samples, and if required, take you to view slabs at either the stone yards, or at the manufacturers’ showrooms.

Give us a call to set up a showroom kitchen consultation and we will walk you through this.

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