8 Approaches to Modernizing Your Bathroom


To modernize and get that spa-like feel for your new bathroom you do not need to heavily invest in expensive finishes and components.

Here are 8 areas in your bathroom remodel, or approaches to your remodel that will help you achieve a modernized bathroom the way you want it.

With your favourite bath designer look at the following:

1. Design & Function: Layout; Plumbing Fixture Configuration; Curb-less Shower; Simple Glass Shower Panes, no moving parts or hardware, minimize glass anchoring hardware; Full height Vanities; Tubs & Shower vs. Shower Only;

Is the bath for the whole family or a refuge for you and your spouse?

You and your spouse may never use the tub in the Master Ensuite, eliminate it and install a curb-less Roman Shower.

2. Styling Trends: Styling Trends: Colours; Tile Size, Degree of Tile Accessorizing; Vessel Sinks vs. Under-mount Sinks;

Soft grey of some kind is definitely a sustained trend.

Are non-white china colours for the toilet, sinks, or even bathtubs be appropriate? White or white slightly into grey is definitely the lion’s share of installations.

3. Technological: Ventilation, Electrical, Plumbing, Tiling Materials; Water Treatment Systems; Digital Thermostats for in-floor & towel heating;

In-floor heating with a programmable thermostat is a must! The technology and cost have really come into line, it’s no longer considered a luxury item.

4. Eco: Water Saving; Electricity Saving; Heat Saving;

Your shower-head or toilet water use could be a critical element if you are on a ‘dug’ as opposed to drilled well.

5. Hygiene: Mould Resistant Scrubbable Grout, Strong & Quiet Fans with humidity detection On-Switch;  Porcelain Tile products rugged and easily cleaned;

Scrubbable grout that has mould resistance and a humidity detection auto turn-on strong fan makes a huge difference in comfort and maintenance ability.

6. Lighting: LED in-ceiling lights; Back Lit Mirrors; kick lighting on vanities; in-cabinet lighting for medicine cabinets; Upgraded lighting for makeup;

A simple ceiling grid with additional lighting at vanity all on a separate dimmer will literally change the space for you.

7. Storage: Linen; Toiletries; Hair & Dental Appliances;

Extra room in tall vanities or counter-sinking cabinetry into walls of the adjoining room may afford enough space to meet your linen needs.

8. Comfort: Heated Flooring; Heated Towel Warmer; Dimmable Lighting; Powerful Whisper Fans; Make-up lighting; Deeper Wider Tubs; Rain Head vs. Nozzle Spray; Adjustable Shower Head; Toe Testers.

Your bath refuge would definitely have more comfort features than let’s say a high-volume bathroom for the rest of the family.

That refuge can even have functional features like a morning dressing area for him allowing him to dress early without waking her because of staggered schedules.


Have your bath designer help you work out the best blend of the above approaches that most meet your needs and budget.

Give us a call to set up a showroom bathroom consultation and we will walk you through this.

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